eFACTOR/Energy-Wise Homes

Invest in Efficiency and Healthier Living with eFACTOR

What is the eFACTOR and how much does it cost? Glad you asked.

Simply put, eFACTOR is a high performance set of award-winning, energy-wise features and standards that are built into every new home that ICI builds at no additional charge.

Built to deliver superior energy ratings and a healthier living experience, each ICI home is inspected, measured and certified by independent third party experts. In fact, an ICI eFACTOR home delivers a HERS rating (Home Energy Rating Standard) that is twice as efficient as the average existing home.

So, when you think e-nergy savings, e-fficiency, e-nlightment, or e-nvironment,… think eFACTOR, included with every ICI Home.

Click the "Green/eFACTOR" tab on each floor plan page on our site to learn how much that plan could save you on your monthly utility bills.

ICI Homes Energy-Wise Features

*some features only available in select communities

ICI Homes offers a number of other energy saving features that you may want to include in your new home, just ask your sales representative for a full list.

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